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Branding Design is an expanding digital marketing concept. This is because brand development is one of the most important factors for those who want to create a digital company.

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What is branding?

Branding is a term used to refer to the brand more broadly. We talk about branding when we are thinking about the brand not only in relation to its initial creation and its relationship with the product, but in all aspects of the relationship of that brand and perception of it by the public.

The branding process is essential for a brand to be well received by the public and remain visible as time goes by. To this end, marketing specialists strive to present news and present and re-present the brand in order to convey confidence to the public.

There are in the marketing market, especially in digital marketing, professionals specialized in branding, who are responsible not only for the creation of the brand, but for all communication with the target audience. It is part of the branding job to ensure the visual and verbal communication of the brand with the public in all spheres, but mainly through virtual means.

What is design?

The design, on the other hand, is the whole look connected to the particular brand. Although it relates to branding in several aspects, we can consider that design is a specific aspect of the brand’s communication with the public and that it is extremely important, it is worth remembering.

Design professionals are dedicated to producing visual content that generates an unforgettable brand and that refers to the type of product and the segment in which it is inserted, in addition to the design that goes beyond the creation of the brand.

Part of all communication work is the design of posts, texts, images, advertisements of various types produced and broadcast by the brand to its audience.

What is Branding Design?

Although the two concepts have always been thought of intertwined, the professionals who currently dedicate themselves to Branding Design are and specialize in creating a brand, the visual and verbal communication of the company and taking care in detail of how the communication in general of this brand works in their public.

Within the Branding Design strategies are, for example, the union of the two spheres to transmit a new look to the product. In this way, it is possible to increase the visibility of the product, ensuring market expansion and even the beginning of exporting items previously considered unknown.

Famous examples of Branding Design

Some famous examples of companies that have become large or modified by investing heavily in Branding Design are not lacking. But perhaps the most emblematic to think about the concept is Havaianas.

This occurred when the company sought to modify the public’s view of the product, previously considered a popular product. Havaianas modified their products, but especially the way of communicating with the new public, becoming a major exporter of slippers for the whole world.

Other famous models that have successfully combined Branding and Design are Coca Cola and the giant Apple.

Although these are examples of very large and internationally renowned companies, it is fully possible to implement the concept in any company size, beginning or existing in the market.

For this, the most important thing is to keep in mind exactly what you want to transmit to the public and to count on professionals trained for adequate and creative communication, in addition to creating the brand, transmitting confidence is fundamental for those who want to work with Branding Design!

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