What makes a web design

If you have a certain interest in digital marketing and would like to know a little more about some professions that permeate this universe, take advantage of this reading to learn a little more about what makes a web design.

If you keep up to date you know that today the strong point of advertising is digital marketing, because everything happens online through social networks and websites.

Then follow up with us to understand a little more about what makes a web design and what are the relevance of the work developed by them on the internet.

Better understand what a web design does

Web design is a work aimed at the better development of digital interfaces, a good example is the layout of applications and websites. For this, they create pages using markup languages ​​such as HTML.

It is quite common for people to enter certain sites and decide to leave because the layout is not practical, and does not appeal to visitors, as well as the way the content and typography is built.

Not to mention the sites that are quite heavy and take too long to load on mobile phones and tablets, right at the time when you most need to access it.

This all makes people who visit the sites have a bad experience and this has terrible consequences for sites that have this type of layout.

What is web design

For you to better understand what is web design, keep on following the text, and we will explain everything that makes a web design and the complete processes.

As already mentioned above, web design works focused on the layout in the creation of web pages, applications and websites, and also in the production of content, however this function is usually more applied to the creation of websites.

In these cases mentioned in the paragraph above, what does a web design do ? Well, in these cases, web design creates pages using markup languages, which for example is HTML.

See now the main elements of web design

When we talk about what makes a web design, some points can be fundamental to your website, and they cannot be missing. See which are the main ones right now.

  • Responsiveness

With more than 50% of the Brazilian population with internet access only by cell phone, it is extremely important that your application, website or page is entirely suitable for these devices, therefore, it needs excellent responsiveness.

  • Scanability

Have you ever received emails that look like blocks of text, why does all the writing come together in one paragraph? And can starting to read them be extremely tiring? If you don’t do it differently on your site, your visitors will get that impression. So work well on the scannability of your texts.

  • Typography

If, from that point in the text, we change the formatting of the letter, and it is a style that you are not used to using, it would be unpleasant in the eyes of the reader, correct? So it is necessary to use a typography that is in harmony with its content.

  • Loading speed

These days it seems that we all live in a hurry, so your website, application or page needs to load quickly. Sites that take more than 2seconds can damage the user experience, according to Google.

What are the advantages of hiring a web design

  • Good first impression
  • Better SEO processes
  • Competitiveness
  • Higher revenue generation
  • Increase word of mouth marketing
  • Faster and more practical access

Now that you understand better what a web design does invest in digital marketing to get a greater return on your company.

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